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A Random List of Music Stores

This list is a compilation of suggestions sent to me. No endorsement of any store is implied. Opinions are solely those of the submitters. Whether a store is listed here or not listed here is mostly a matter of random chance.

Please send your listings (and comments) to the Keenefest Webmaster, Jeff Kelley ( Contact Us ). Be sure to let me know if it's ok to mention your name as the submitter. We reserve the right to edit your entry.

New York City

NameAddressSubmitter's comments
The Joseph Patelson Music House 160 West 56th Street, opposite the side entrance for Carnegie Hall, which is on 57th Street at 7th Avenue.

G. Schirmer (publishers)

Oxford Publishing House 198 Madison Ave
Carl Fisher Near 3rd Ave and 8th St (near Cooper Square in the east village) Has probably the best shelf stock in town (they are closing forever sometime soon I think this has happened)
Frank Music Co 250 West 54th street They do not have much g\browsing, but their prices are good and they will order anything you might want.
Frank Music 244 West 54th, 10th floor
Has a lot, but not as much choral as, say, vocal, instrumental. They are, however, wonderful people--both kind and helpful.
Julliard Music Store Julliard School at Lincoln Center (Broadway and mid-60's) Has a pretty fine music selection, but you have to look for it yourself - I guess you do in most places actually - but the Julliard store is pretty crowded with shelves and drawers.
Julliard Bookstore Across from Lincoln Center If you are interested in solo music of any kind, or in texts, you would enjoy the Juilliard Bookstore

Other locations (Westchester, Connecticut...)

NameAddressSubmitter's comments
Bramson's Music Mount Kisco, NY

Educational Music Chester, NY

Sam Ashe Music Mammaroneck Ave; White Plains, NY
The Foundry Music Company New Haven, CT
203-782-5974 Fax
Darian & Joy Krimm ( report that they have served KeeneFest 2001 customers


NameAddressSubmitter's comments
Hickeys Music Center David Zimet of that organization reports that he has been handling 2001 Keenefest business (Jeff Kelley)
The Choral Public Domain Library What a great idea! (Jeff Kelley)

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