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Last updated 2002 03 24
The Dennis Keene Choral Festival

In Kent Connecticut
26/27 July 2002 - 4 August 2002

Archive: our  online application  for the 2002 Festival

"The country's leading choral training institute"

The 2002 Festival was a tremendous success!! Thank you to all participants!

In August, 1998 a major new choral festival was inaugurated: The Dennis Keene Choral Festival. Based at Kent School in Kent, Connecticut, and now in its fifth season, the Festival has become an internationally acclaimed choral training institute for ensemble singers and conductors.

The festival provides a unique opportunity for committed avocational choral singers to study, rehearse, and perform side-by-side with professional singers, and for both established conductors and serious students to learn from master conductors, all in pursuit of the highest levels of the choral art.

For 2002, the Festival will culminate in a complete, world-class performance of Mendelssohn's Elijah at the famed Caramoor Summer Music Festival in Katonah, New York.

If you like, you can download for printing:
[ PDF version of color brochure | MS Word version of brochure with mail-in application | PDF version of preliminary concert flyer ]

Singer's Program

Saturday, 27 July - Sunday 4 August 2002

A nine- day experience dedicated to excellence of the choral art, where singers may follow the basic schedule and enjoy the countryside in their spare time, or opt for total musical immersion.

See Programs for Singers for details.

Conductors' Program

Friday, 26 July - Sunday 4 August 2002

A ten-day workshop dedicated to the highest professional levels of conducting, for established professional choral and orchestral conductors and for serious students.

See Programs for Conductors for details.

The Faculty

The vocal and conducting faculty, led by Dennis Keene (Artistic Director), includes Beverly Myers (Vocal Faculty), James Archie Worley (Focal Faculty), and Mark Kruczek (Assistant Artistic Director & Accompanist).

See the faculty listing

You can Join our Mailing List if you would like a hardcopy brochure or would like more information. You can also send your name and address to the Keenefest Administrative Director, via Contact Us Or just sign up for participation in the festival using our Online Application Form!

Tax Deductable Gift Opportunities

Tuition payments alone cover only a small portion of the costs of operating the Dennis Keene Choral Festival. We rely on the generosity of individuals to provide the additional support needed to operate the Festival. Your financial support over and above your fees will be of great assistance in ensuring the continuation of the Festival in future seasons. Your gift will be much appreciated, and it is deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. The Dennis Keene Choral Festival is a non-profit organization, as designated in section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For additional information on gifts, bequests, or gifts of appreciated securities, please contact Daniel N. Colburn, Executive Director, at 212-358-1469.

The Dennis Keene Choral Festival
511 Avenue of the Americas, #99
New York, NY 10011-8436

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