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2002 Application Information, Fees, Form

Note:Don't actually submit this form, it won't work any more!

If you like, you can download for printing:
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2002 Applications will be accepted on a First-Come, First-served basis. Our process has been simplified.

Due to space limitations of the Caramoor stage, we must limit the total number of singing participants to 100. Conducting Fellows will be limited to 25. Qualified applicants will be chosen according to the date of their postmark, on-line application, or fax. All applicants will be notified of their status within a few days of receipt of their complete application.

A complete application must include: application form, vocal placement tape or Conducting Fellow audition tape (if applicable), rèsumè, and application fee ($25, non-refundable).

Former attendees of Keenefest need to send only the application form and fee.

Applications can be made online with this form, or:
By Mail:
  The Dennis Keene Choral Festival
511 Avenue of the Americas, #99
New York, New York 10011-8436
By Fax:

Singer's Vocal Placement

All first-time singers at Keenefest must sing a few passages for us, for vocal placement. This is very brief and simple, and may be done by tape (include with your application package), in person at various locations (call 212-358-1469 for an appointment), or on the telephone (call 212-358-1469 for an appointment).


Conductors who wish to sing with the choruses should show in their rèsumès their ensemble singing experience.

Conducting Fellow Tapes

For those wishing to apply for the first time as Conducting Fellows please send with your application an audio cassette or videotape of you conducting. Please label the tapes clearly with your name. We are not able to return tapes. Other Conductors need not send tapes.


Please make checks payable to The Dennis Keene Choral Festival. (No credit cards)

Application Fee



Conducting Fellow$695

Room & Board

Per person, double occupancy$450
Single room surcharge$100
Non-participating spouses or friends sharing room with participants$450
Lunch & Dinner meal plan for commuters$180

Application Form

Fill out here or print out and mail in with your tape and other materials, including a non-refundable deposit of $25.00.

Personal Information:

Enter your name as you wish it to appear in printed materials
     First Name: 
    Middle Name: 
      Last Name: 
                 (goes on name badge)

      Address 1: 
      Address 2: 
           City:  State: 
Zip/Postal Code: 
      Day Phone: 
     Eve. Phone: 
     Fax number: 


Current musical positions/affiliations:

   Affiliation 1:  Dates: 
   Affiliation 2:  Dates: 
   Affiliation 3:  Dates: 
   Affiliation 4:  Dates: 

I am appying as a:


. . .Singing Non-Singing

Conducting Fellow
. . .Singing Non-Singing

(When applying for both weeks, check all appropriate boxes)

Voice Part (for singers and singing conductors):

Soprano I Alto I Tenor I Bass I
Soprano II Alto II Tenor II Bass II

Rooming request

I would like: (you may skip this section for now)
Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Keenefest assigns roommate
Assign: Male Female
Double Occupancy
I have a roommate
Room with:

If you are having us assign you a roommate, please tell us your age and/or anything else that may help us to pick someone appropriate:

How did you hear about the Festival?

(Please be specific)

References (for all applicants):

Please list three musical references.

For Singers and Singing Conductors:

Have you performed Mendelssohn's Elijah?
Yes No

  • If yes: Voice Part:
    Was it a complete performance?
    Yes No

    What language was it in?
    List the date(s) of the performance(s), the location, the chorus, and conductor:

It may benefit KeeneFest to trade your contact information with other arts organizations. May we do that?
Yes (thank you!) No

When you press Submit Form you should see a message that says "Application Completed". If you do, Please don't come back and re-submit form!

When you press Submit, your form will be sent. Be sure you get an e-mail confirmation within one or two business days; otherwise contact the KeeneFest Webmaster, Jeff Kelley, at Contact Us

Don't forget to follow up by mailing the following:

For All Applicants

Prepare a separate mailing to:

The Dennis Keene Choral Festival
511 Avenue of the Americas, #99
New York, NY, 10011-8436
  1. Enclose non-refundable application fee ($25). Make checks payable to
    The Dennis Keene Choral Festival
  • Enclose a Resume.
  • Enclose your audition tape (if applicable).
  • For Participating Conductors / Fellows Applicants

    Please include in your mailed application materials:

    1. Colleges/conservatories attended with dates and degrees.
    2. Your principal conducting teachers.
    3. Previous conducting workshops attended with dates.
    4. Conducting experience, beginning with present position (list your positions, dates, and type of ensemble).
    5. A clear listing of the selections on your audition tape, including the dates of performance and the ensemble and types of ensemble (professional chorus, school, church, etc.).

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