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This page is a work-in-progress, be sure to check frequently right up to departure time!


Singers are responsible for bringing their own music
We will do the Bach St. Matthew Passion. The edition you need to get is the Bärenreiter Edition.
(watch this space)

NOTE: See our Listing of Music Stores for some places where you might find the music you need to purchase. You should make sure it's in stock; backorders can take a long time.

Driving Directions to Kent School

Click here for Driving Directions to Kent School.

KeeneFest Attendees 1998 Checklist (Archive Copy)

This page is a work-in-progress, be sure to check frequently right up to departure time!

7/29/98 Bulletin: Driving Directions to Kent

Here are

Driving Directions to Kent.

7/28/98 Bulletin: Luggage at Alice Tully

Alice Tully will provide a room to store your luggage and Dennis will provide a security person to watch the stuff. Anyone who wants to leave luggage should go to Alice Tully backstage entrance (on 66th St. bet. Broadway and Amsterdam) where their names will be on a backstage list authorizing them to leave stuff. They claim it again after the show and get on the busses, which will be waiting by the backstage entrance to return to Kent.

7/27/98 Bulletin: luggage at Alice Tully

If you are a Week II participant planning on riding the bus up from NYC on 8/9, you must let the administrator know at 212-568-xxxx so we can make sure we have room. Also, if you are planning this, you will need a place to put your luggage. We are still attempting to arrange something with the folks at Alice Tully Hall (you ARE coming to the 8/9 Bach concert, right???), but for now, if you are there to meet the bus when it comes down from Kent (probably between 4:30 and 5:00) you will be able to put your luggage on the bus before it goes away to park during the concert. Please make sure Michele knows if you are planning to do this.

7/23/98 Pre-Arrival Memo from the Administrator

This is the text of an e-mail sent by Michele to e-mail-enabled participants on 7/23/98...

Here are a few final details that have come up in the course of conversations with some of you. Thanks to all for your many helpful suggestions and insights on these items!

1) Here's what Kent School provides for room linens: pillow, sheets and a blanket for a twin bed; two towels. If you need more towels than this, please bring your own.

2) To clarify a detail about concert dress, women need not wear long-sleeve blouses; short-sleeves are okay.

3) Commuters: unless we have heard otherwise from you, we assume that you do not want a lunch/dinner meal ticket. THIS IS NOT A LAST MINUTE OPTION!!! If you want the meal ticket option you must let me know IMMEDIATELY! No fooling!

4) Week II participants who are attending the Alice Tully Hall performance of the Bach: we are still working on the issue of what to do with your luggage while you're listening to the concert, but the Tully production fellow who deals with these things is on vacation. We should have an answer for you by Monday, July 27. If you need a place to stow your luggage during that concert, please call or email the office and let me know.

5) How to get from New York City airports to Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in Manhattan: of course the easiest thing, with luggage, is to take a cab, but it's also the most costly. Another alternative is to take the Gray Line bus which leaves each airport terminal every 20 minutes, and get off at New York's Port Authority station at 42nd St. and Eighth Ave. (There are one or two other drop-off points in the city, so be sure you get off at Port Authority.) From there you can take the no. 1 or no. 9 subway line uptown to the 66th St. Lincoln Center stop. Alice Tully Hall is at the corner of Broadway and 65th St.

6) To order tickets for the Alice Tully performance, you can do one of several things: 1) call Centercharge at (212) 721-6500 (you'll need a credit card, and they'll add a service fee onto the price), 2) call (800) 637-5649 and follow the instructions on the voice mail, 3) if you're in New York City, stop by Alice Tully's box office.

7) To order tickets for all Kent School concerts, call (800) 637-5649, or Week I participants can speak with Carol Evans during the festival; she is on our board of directors and will be on hand the first week to handle ticket requests.

8) There are a few minor changes to the schedule; the final version of the schedule will be distributed at registration.

9) Also at registration will be sign-up sheets for private conducting lessons and private voice lessons. Repertoire studied in private lessons can be anything of your choosing; it does not have to be selected from festival repertoire.

10) Week I conductors: there will be a sign-up sheet at registration for those who wish to conduct in the Wednesday evening conducting master class. Repertoire is the Bach B minor mass.

11) Week II conductors: there will be a sign-up form at registration for private lessons and for the auditing conductor session. It is possible to study repertoire other than that from the festival's repertoire list; bring along your requests.

12) When you arrive at Kent School for registration, please drive down the road running next to the Housatonic River, and park behind Case Dormitory. Registration will take place in the Case common room, and most of you will also be housed in Case.

13) Commuters: a few of you have asked about the option of staying the occasional night on campus if rehearsals go late. This is in theory possible, and it will cost you $30 per night, BUT: rooms are very limited, especially in the second week, and we cannot guarantee that one will be available when you need it; also, we may not have access to bed linens mid-week, so if you want to try to exercise this option, we suggest that you have a sleeping bag along as a back-up.

14) Singers: it is not necessary to have black folders for performances of the large oratorio works, but for those of you involved in the small ensemble pieces in Week II, you will probably find it helpful to have a three-ring binder on hand to organize your music.

15) Telephones: a list of phone numbers for the pay phones in the dormitories will be distributed at registration. Kent School cannot provide telephone service to individual dormitory rooms.

16) Your balance due, payable at the time of registration, is . If you have any questions about this amount, please contact the KeeneFest administrator.

17) KEY DEPOSIT: Kent School requires a $75 room key deposit for residents. When you register and pay your balance due, please also make out a separate check for $75 payable to the Dennis Keene Choral Festival. We will return the check to you at the end of your stay, when you turn in your room key.

MUSIC: Many of you have asked if the festival will provide music, so let me clarify that it is your responsibility to bring any music you need. We will not have extra music at the festival.

That's all we've thought of for now, but keep those questions coming! Good luck with your travels, and we'll see you in August.


Singers are responsible for bringing their own music.
Bach Mass in B Minor, Barenreiter edition. You should pick up a piano/vocal score.

NOTE: I think New York area folks might find these scores at Educational Music in Chester, NY (914-469-5790), Frank Music in Manhattan (212-582-1999), Patelson's (212-582-5840), or Bramson's in Mt. Kisco (914-666-3308). You should make sure it's in stock; backorders can take a long time. (P.S. on 6/15, Carol Evans reports that Patelson's is out and reports a 2-month backorder time; on 7/09 Anne Harris reports that Bramson's has two copies of the Bach.)

With Peter BagelyMozart: Missa Brevis in F, KV 192 (Edition: G. Schirmer, edited by Arthur Mendel)
With Dennis KeeneSchubert: Mass in G (any clean edition.)
With Robert PageHaydn: Missa in Tempore Belli (Mass in Time of War) “Paukenmesse” (Edition: Barenreiter or Kalmus)

In addition, singers who are not members of the resident chorus (i.e., Cerddorion), may wish to bring copies of music that they might want to work on in small groups/workshops for the Thursday small ensemble concert and the Friday musicale.

With Peter Bagely Mozart: Missa Brevis in F, KV 192 (Edition: G. Schirmer, edited by Arthur Mendel)
Barber: Reincarnations (Edition: G. Schirmer)
With Dennis Keene Josquin Desprez: Ave Maria 4-part (Edition: Mercury)
Byrd: Sing Joyfully 6-part (Edition: Oxford or Stainer and Bell)
Farrant/Hilton: Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake (Edition: Oxford)
Schütz: Selig sind die Toten (Blessed are the faithful) 6-part (Edition: G. Schirmer)
Schubert: Mass in G (any clean edition.) (For orchestra scores: No trumpets, etc. - just strings and organ)
With Robert Page Poulenc: Un soir de Neige (Edition: Salabert)
Ravel: Trois Chansons (Edition: Durand)
Hindemith: Five Songs on Old Texts (Edition: Schott) Only songs 1-3 will be done.
Haydn: Missa in Tempore Belli (Mass in Time of War) “Paukenmesse” (Edition: Barenreiter or Kalmus)

Concert Dress

Men: Standard black tux with black tie. We may sing one or more concerts without jackets, but bring your tux jacket for the other concerts. If you wear suspenders, wear black or white (not red). (Note from Jeff: If you have red bow tie and red cumberbund, please bring them; if everyone has them, I might suggest it for one of our Kent concerts.)
Women: Long black skirt with white blouse. White (not off-white) blouses, please. No jewelry (it catches the spotlights.)
All Singers: No Fragrances! Please bear in mind that anything scented (perfume, cologne, hair spray, deodorant, skin lotion) can have a choking effect on some singers. Anything you put on your body on concert/rehearsal days must be unscented!

Preparation for Singers, Week I 1998 (Bach B Minor Mass)

The most important thing to remember is that the whole premise of this choral festival is that the chorus will be made up of fine, carefully chosen singers who already thoroughly know their parts prior to arriving in Kent. The rehearsals will not be about note learning, but musical refinement. Please be sure that your part is prepared before August 2.

We are using the Barenreiter Edition for the Mass.

For those of you who would like part tapes (tapes of the piece with your voice part clearly audible) write, call, or E-mail us , tell us which voice part, and send a check for $6 (made payable to the Dennis Keene Choral Festival). Be sure your name and address are clearly indicated. In addition to part tapes, we may be offering some pre-Festival rehearsals in Manhattan and/or Westchester county. If you are interested, call the office (212-568-xxxx).

Since we will be rehearsing the B Minor Mass an average of six hours each day, we strongly recommend that you arrive in good physical and vocal health. If you haven’t been singing a lot lately, now is the time to get yourself going, take those voice lessons you were planning to take, do whatever you need.

In the Bach B Minor Mass you will be singing:
Sop IAll sopranos sing the Sop part in “Qui tollis” and “Crucifixus”, even though it is marked “Sop II”
Sop II /SopSing Sop II in the first Kyrie, Gloria, Et in terra, Cum Sancto, Credo, Et incarnatus, Et Resurrexit, Confiteor, Et expecto, and Sanctus. Sing Soprano in all the other choruses.
SopII/AltoSing Sop II in the first Kyrie, Gloria, Et in terra, Cum Sancto, Credo, Et incarnatus, Et Resurrexit, Confiteor, Et expecto, and Sanctus. Sing Alto in all the other choruses.
AltoIn the Sanctus sing whichever alto part is better for you.
TenorAll normal parts
BassAll normal parts

Note: all singers should prepare both chorus parts to the Osanna.


Kent School will provide bed linens and towels, but nothing else. There is no air conditioning in the rooms.
Toiletries, soap
Fan? I don't know how hot it gets in Kent in August, I'm told it's not too bad. I'll probably bring a little reciprocating fan for my dorm room, though. (Jeff)

Free Time

Insect repellant
Bathing suit
Tennis racquet; I think there's a tennis camp in residence, but we may get some court time. (Jeff)
Softball glove, if you play; I'm told they have fields, perhaps that includes a softball diamond. If there are enough folks, perhaps we can get a game in? (Jeff)

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