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Singers' Program

Saturday, July 27 - Sunday, August 4
A nine- day experience dedicated to excellence of the choral art, where singers may follow the basic schedule and enjoy the countryside in their spare time, or opt for total musical immersion.

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The goal of the Festival is maximum growth of each singer's skills as an ensemble singer. Through a great variety of opportunities - vocal classes, sectional coachings, ensemble classes, solo lessons and coachings, lectures, workshops, rehearsals and the final concert - each singer will find ample ways to stretch his/her ability.

* Rehearsals, lectures, and gala performance. This year, the Dennis Keene Choral Festival will be dedicated to a complete, world-class performance of Mendelssohn's great epic masterpiece, Elijah (in English). All aspects of this special presentation will be under the personal direction of Dennis Keene. It will be an intensive nine days of rehearsals, classes and workshops, culminating in a gala performance at the world-famous Caramoor International Music Festival, one of the country's most prestigious summer music venues, located one hour from the Kent campus. (Our Caramoor debut last year was greeted with a capacity crowd and an extended standing ovation!) All singers will be required to know their parts thoroughly before arriving at Kent.

* New and Expanded Elective musical activities. This season, in addition to the basic schedule of rehearsals and concert, Keenefest will offer a rich selection of elective musical activities. The Vocal Faculty will hold classes and workshops on:

  • Freeing the Voice
  • Techniques of Ensemble Singing
  • Vocal Master Classes
  • Diction for singing
  • Rhythm play
  • Sectional rehearsals

Private voice lessons will also be available at modest cost. Singers may attend any of these elective classes or spend their free time enjoying the many leisure activities available in the Kent area.

* Lower Tuition this year. Keenefest is happy to announce that singer tuition this year has been reduced by $100 from prior years!

* First-come-first-served applications this year. See details in the Applications section of this brochure.

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